Meet our team!

With nicknames like "Coconut," "Cocoa Butter," and "Cocoa Bean," this horse is loved by everyone here at KMT! He has been with us for many years and we cherish every day with him. He can be lazy, but he loves his job as the "schoolmaster." He loves to be pampered, and he always appreciates carrots and cookies!

There are not enough positive words to express how much the KMT family loves Waffle! He has been teaching our Training Academy riders for over 9 years and is ready to start a new chapter here with us! This chestnut LOVES to jump and is a great teacher.  With his kind eye and love for cookies, this Belgian waffle couldn't be more of a perfect fit for our program. 

Yet another special horse...we feel extra lucky to say that Boomer has found a forever home here at the KMT Riding Academy.  Perfect for our taller kids or adults, he is always willing and happy to do his job. He is a BLAST to jump, with couch-like gaits. Swing by to give this love bug a hug!




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